Eastside Dermatology Telemedicine


To continue providing safe, individualized care and adhere to the American Academy of Dermatology’s instruction that all non-essential appointments move to telemedicine, Eastside Dermatology will now be offering a remote video appointment options through our patient care website, Doxy.me.

Based on the widespread impact of COVID-19, we encourage all our patients to stay safe and if possible, use video visits for your skin concerns. Teledermatology appointments are convenient and safe while offering a through, individualized care experience. We have made the process easy for you and to get started, simply request an appointment on the form below.

Parent and baby doing a telemedicine appointment on an iPad

How Do Video Visits Work?

Video visits require a pre-scheduled appointment and allow patients to show their area(s) of concern and chat with a provider in real time on a mobile device or computer. By the end of the video session, patients can expect to receive treatment guidance and, if necessary, a prescription called into your pharmacy by your provider. In the event your provider decides that an in-office follow-up or biopsy is required, we will coordinate those arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

The Benefits of Teledermatology

    • Flexible Options – Select a date/time works best for you or your family member.
    • Individualized Experience – Personalized treatment plans with prescriptions if needed
    • Comfortable Environment – Meet with your skin care provider in your own home
    • Comprehensive – A majority of skin conditions can be treated through your video visit including skin lesion evaluations, acne follow-ups, rashes, warts, moles/growths to name a few!

Will My Video Visit Be Covered by Insurance?

Yes! All major insurance companies are currently covering telemedicine appointments. Should you have specific questions around eligibility, we recommend you contact your insurance carrier.

Are Video Visits HIPAA Compliant?

Yes! Doxy.me is a secure platform and all messaging is HIPAA compliant.

How to I Access Doxy.me to Make My Appointment?

To get started, Request an Appointment on the form below and type “Schedule Video Visit” in the Message box. We will be in touch soon for scheduling.

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