Beautiful hair starts from within. And Premier Dermatology understands that in order to have the hair you want, you must ensure you’re taking care of your overall health. This is why we’re now offering the all-natural, clinically proven, drug-free Nutrafol for both men and women.

What to Know About Nutrafol

What Is Nutrafol?

No two bodies are the exact same, and each hair growth product will react differently depending on the person. Genetics and lifestyle contribute to hair loss, but it can also occur when someone is under a great deal of stress, regularly inundated with environmental toxins, and has poor metabolism.

Nutrafol balances out hormones, the way the body reacts to stress, the metabolism, and adds needed nutrition. Nutrafol also protects hair from the environment keeping it strong and healthy.

How Is It Different?

Often, with hair regrowth systems, patients experience bad side effects. But because Nutrafol is a comprehensive hair regrowth aid, you may see positive side effects due to improved overall health. Many patients reported having better sleep, sex drive, and mood after taking Nutrafol.

Nutrafol is 100% drug-free and backed by multiple clinical studies and published ingredient research, unlike many other supplements.

What Is Right for Me?

Nutrafol helps with:

  • Excessive shedding by making hair stronger

  • Postpartum hair loss in women by returning lost nutrients into the body

  • Balances hormones to avoid hair loss during menopause

There are also specially formulated duo packs that you and your dermatologist can decide on together:

  • The De-Stress Hair Growth Duo - Formulated to target stress and tackle the adaptogens that cause hair to fall out.

  • Gut Restore Hair Growth Duo - Probiotics that target gut issues that lead to hair loss.

  • The Hairline Defender - Tackles hormonal imbalances that cause hair loss.

When Will I See Results?

Depending on gender and biology, clinical studies showed the following:

  • Hair was stronger with less shedding and breakage after 1-3 months.

  • Potentially improved thickness in 3-6 months.

  • Hair may grow faster and more fully in 6 or more months.

I’m Ready to Try It!

If you’re in the Boca Raton, FL, area and you are ready for a new hair regrowth system that is tailored to your biology and exact needs, contact Premier Dermatology today to speak with a dermatologist and get started on your hair regrowth journey!


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